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Conference Papers

12th Annual State Politics and Policy Conference Papers

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Session 1 Panels: 8:30 – 10:15 a.m.

Panel 1: Roundtable on Redistricting – ICF

Chair: Gary Moncrief (gmoncri@boisestate.edu)

Participants:   John Alford (jra@rice.edu), Charles Bullock  (cbullock@uga.edu), Jason Casellas (casellas@mail.utexas.edu), Karin Mac Donald (karin@cain.berkeley.edu), and Jonathan Winburn (jwinburn@olemiss.edu)


Panel 2: Policy Diffusion and Agenda Setting – FW

Chair: Greg Weiher (GWeiher@uh.edu)

Andrew Karch (ajkarch@umn.edu) and Lilliard Richardson (richardsonle@missouri.edu): “Multiple Dimensions of Reform: Regulation, Punishment and Highway Safety Laws

Frederick J. Boehmke (frederick-boehmke@uiowa.edu) and Paul Skinner (paul-skinner@uiowa.edu): “Beyond Contiguity: Patterns in the Diffusion of Policies across the American States

Julianna Pacheco (jpacheco@umich.edu) and Graeme Boushey (gboushey@umich.edu): “Agenda Setting in the American States: Determinants of State Legislative Attention to Tobacco Control and Vaccine RegulationPacheco and Boushey Supplemental Text

James W. Stoutenborough (jstoutenborough@bushschool.tamu.edu) and Douglas R. Oxley (doxley@bushschool.tamu.edu): “Improving the Likelihood of Successful Policy Outcomes: A Theory of Policy Diffusion Policy Analysis

Discussants: Virginia Gray (vagray@email.unc.edu) and Elizabeth Rigby (erigby@gwu.edu)


Panel 3: The Impact of Early Voting and Vote Centers – B3F

Chair: Kevin Arceneuax (kevin.arceneaux@temple.edu)

Johanna Dunaway (dunaway@lsu.edu) and Robert M. Stein (stein@rice.edu): “The Effects of Early Voting on Electoral Campaigns

Christopher B. Mann (cmann@miami.edu): “When Election Day is Two Weeks Long: Field Experiments on Mobilization for Early In-Person Voting”

Lisa A. Bryant (lbryant@unm.edu) and Lonna R. Atkeson (atkeson@unm.edu): “Close to Work, Close to Home? An Examination of Where Voters Choose to Cast their Ballot

Greg Vonnahme (vonnahmeg@umkc.edu), Lonna R. Atkeson (atkeson@unm.edu), Lisa A. Bryant (lbryant@unm.edu), Chris Mann (cmann@miami.edu) and Robert M. Stein (stein@rice.edu): “Vote Centers and the Spatial Distribution of Voting

Discussant: Kevin Arceneuax (kevin.arceneaux@temple.edu)


Session 2 Panels: 10:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Panel 1: Legislative Representation and Responsiveness – ICF

Chair: Beth Reingold (polbr@emory.edu)

Robert E. Hogan (rhogan1@lsu.edu): “Factors Conditioning the Representational Activities of State Legislators

Jeffrey Harden (jjharden@unc.edu): “Multidimensional Responsiveness: The Determinants of Legislators’ Representational Priorities

Patrick Flavin (Patrick_J_Flavin@baylor.edu): “Election Law Reforms and the Equality of Political Representation in the American States

Cindy Rugeley (cindy.rugeley@ttu.edu): “Safe Havens or Facilitators: The Influence of Legislative Professionalism on Policy Responsiveness”

Discussants: Tracy Osborn (tracy-osborn@uiowa.edu) and Lynda Powell (lynda.powell@ur.rochester.edu)


Panel 2: State of the State: Governors and their Policy Agendas – B3F

Chair: Don Ostdiek (dho@rice.edu)

Thad Kousser (tkousser@ucsd.edu) and Justin Phillips (jhp2121@columbia.edu): “The Governors’ Game: Winning on Budgets and Losing on Policy

Richard Herrera (richard.herrera@asu.edu) and Karen Shafer  (karen.shafer@waldenu.edu): “Media Coverage of Gubernatorial Policy Agendas

Barbara Ferrara (bferr1@uis.edu): “Gender and Governors’ Policy Agendas

Discussants: Nelson C. Dometrius (nelson.dometrius@ttu.edu) and Don Ostdiek (dho@rice.edu)


Panel 3: What Factors Impact Voter Turnout? – FW

Chair: Lyn Ragsdale (lyn.ragsdale@rice.edu)

Robert S. Erikson (rse14@columbia.edu) and Kelly Radar (ktr2102@columbia.edu): “Voter Turnout and Laws in the U.S. States: Investigating the Causal Effect of Participatory Culture

Eric Plutzer (exp12@psu.edu): “Do Highly Exclusive Social Welfare Programs Increase Political Inequality? A Comparative Analysis of the 50 US States

Marc Meredith (marcmere@sas.upenn.edu) and Michael Morse morsem@sas.upenn.edu): “The Politics of the Restoration for Ex-Felon Voting Rights

John E. McNulty (jmcnulty@binghamton.edu), Michael A. Allen (allenmi@missouri.edu), Laura M. Martin (lmm@senatorlibous.com) and Tansy Woan (twoan318@gmail.com): “Legally Mandated Inconvenience: Do Driver’s License Suspensions Reduce Voter Turnout

Discussants: Caroline J. Tolbert (caroline-tolbert@uiowa.edu) and Chris Mann (cmann@miami.edu)


Session 3 Panels: 1:45 – 3:30 p.m.

Panel 1: The States in Washington – FW

Chair: Ann O’M. Bowman (abowman@bushschool.tamu.edu)

Heather M. Creek (hcreek@umd.edu): “Fifty Interest Groups: The U.S. States in the Intergovernmental Lobby

Justin Gollob (jgollob@mesastate.edu) and J. Wesley Leckrone (jwleckrone@widener.edu): “A State Legislature and Federalism: Variables Affecting Consensus and Conflict on Intergovernmental Policy Issues

Jennifer M. Jensen (jjensen@binghamton.edu): “Rise of the Partisans: The Republican and Democratic Governors Association in Campaigns, Political Campaigns, and Washington Politics”

Bryan Shelly (bshelly24@gmail.com): “Predicting State Waiver Requests and Federal Response

Discussants: Ann O’M. Bowman (abowman@bushschool.tamu.edu) and Richard C. Kearney (rick_kearney@ncsu.edu)


Panel 2: Electoral Districts and Public Opinion – ICF

Chair: Richard Niemi (niemi@rochester.edu)

Caroline J. Tolbert (caroline-tolbert@uiowa.edu) and Daniel C. Bowen (bowend@tcnj.edu): “United but Unequal: State Population Size and Representation in America’s Federal System

John P. McIver (mciver@austin.utexas.edu): “Resurrecting the Dead: Using the Literary Digest to Study State Politics Before the Modern Era of Public Opinion Polling”

Barbara Norrander (norrande@email.arizona.edu) and Kerri Stephens (kstephen@email.arizona.edu): “Primary Type and Polarization of State Electorates

Discussants: Lonna R. Atkeson (atkeson@unm.edu) and Jeffrey Harden (jjharden@unc.edu)


Panel 3: Legislative Careers and Legislative Experience – B3F

Chair: Gary Moncrief (gmoncri@boisestate.edu)

Daniel Butler (daniel.butler@yale.edu): “Progressive Ambition in the States”

Zachary Baumann (zdb1@psu.edu): “Just Passing Through? Explaining the Career Lengths of State Legislators

Nelson C. Dometrius (nelson.dometrius@ttu.edu) and Justin Carter (justin.carter@ttu.edu): “The Bureaucratic Implications of Variations in Legislative Time on the Job

Daniel C. Lewis (dclewis1@uno.edu): “Dissecting the Relationship between Term Limits and Fiscal Policy

Discussants: Nancy Martorano Miller (Nancy.Martorano@notes.udayton.edu) and Gary Moncrief (gmoncri@boisestate.edu)


Session 4 Panels: 3:45 – 5:15 p.m.

Panel 1: Institutional Gridlock and Coalition Building – B3F

Chair: Boris Shor (bshor@uchicago.edu)

Carl Klarner (cklarner@indstate.edu) and Justin Phillips (jhp2121@columbia.edu): “Overcoming Fiscal Gridlock: Institutions and Budget Bargaining

Lynda Powell (lynda.powell@ur.rochester.edu): “Gridlock? Explaining Variation in Cross-Party Coalition Building in the 99 Chambers

Jim Battista (jbattist@buffalo.edu), Michael Peress (mperess@mail.rochester.edu) and Jesse Richman (jrichman@odu.edu): “Recovering Status Quos in the State Legislatures

Discussants: Royce Carroll (rcarroll@rice.edu) and Boris Shor (bshor@uchicago.edu)


Panel 2: Context Matters: Implications for Electoral Outcomes – FW

Chair: Robert E. Hogan (rhogan1@lsu.edu)

Robert S. Erikson (rse14@columbia.edu), Olle Folke (of2152@columbia.edu) and James M. Snyder (jsnyder@gov.harvard.edu): “A Gubernatorial Helping Hand? How Gubernatorial Party Affects Presidential Elections

Steve Rogers (rogerssm@princeton.edu): “Obama: the State Legislator People Vote Against

R. Bruce Anderson (randerson2@flsouthern.edu) and Joshua Vaal (jvaal@flsouthern.edu): “Primary Attraction: Does the Romance Continue? Strategic Women Candidates in State Legislative House Election

Discussants: Robert M. Stein (stein@rice.edu) and Robert E. Hogan (rhogan1@lsu.edu)


Panel 3: Where Do You Draw the Line? Partisan or Demographic Determinants – ICF

Chair: John Alford (jra@rice.edu)

Daniel C. Bowen (bowend@tcnj.edu) and Jonathan Winburn (jwinburn@olemiss.edu): “Redistricting, Representation, and the Politics of Splitting Communities of Interest

Todd Makse (toddmakse@gmail.com): “Defining ‘Communities of Interest’ in Redistricting Through Initiative Voting

Nicholas Goedert (ngoedert@princeton.edu): “Southern Redistricting under the VRA: A Model of Partisan Tides

Scott T. Macdonell (smacdonell@utexas.edu): “A Test for Partisan Gerrymandering

Discussants: Jason Casellas (casellas@mail.utexas.edu) and John Alford (jra@rice.edu)



Session 5 Panels: 8:30 – 10:15 a.m.

Panel 1: Partisan Competition and Legislative Party Polarization – ICF

Chair: Gerald C. Wright (wright1@indiana.edu)

Royce Carroll (rcarroll@rice.edu) and Jason Eichorst (jaeichorst@rice.edu): “The Role of Party: The Legislative Consequences of Partisan Electoral Competition

Tiffany D. Barnes (tiffanydbarnes@rice.edu) and Mark P. Jones (mpj@rice.edu): “Evolution in Texas? The 40-Year Partisan Realignment of the Texas House”

Tracy Osborn (tracy-osborn@uiowa.edu), Cassie Cumings-Peterson (cassie-cumings-peterson@uiowa.edu) and Rebecca Kreitzer (rebecca-kreitzer@uiowa.edu): “Polarization in Roll Call Voting Among Women State Legislators

Virginia Gray (vagray@email.unc.edu), David Lowery (dlowery@psu.edu), Boris Shor (bshor@uchicago.edu), John Cluverius (cluverius@unc.edu) and Jeffrey Harden (jjharden@unc.edu): “When Reds are Redder and Blues are Bluer: Party Competition, Party Polarization, and the Changing Demand for Lobbying in the American States

Gerald C. Wright (wright1@indiana.edu) and Nathaniel Birkhead (nbirkhea@indiana.edu): “The Partisan Sort of State Electorates

Discussants: Jennifer Clark (jclark10@uh.edu) and Thomas M. Carsey (carsey@unc.edu)


Panel 2: What Factors Shape Public Policy? – FW

Chair: Richard Winters (Richard.Winters@dartmouth.edu)

Saundra K. Schneider (sks@msu.edu) and William G. Jacoby (jacoby@msu.edu): “What shapes policy efforts across the American states?

Elizabeth Rigby (erigby@gwu.edu): “Who Wins (and Who Loses) in Class-based Political Parties?

Rebecca Bromley-Trujillo (becky.bromley-trujillo@uky.edu): “Environmental Policy Support in the American States

Ann O’M. Bowman (abowman@bushschool.tamu.edu) and Richard C. Kearney (rick_kearney@ncsu.edu): “Easy Pickings: State Legislatures Look to their Local Governments

Discussants: Andrew Karch (ajkarch@umn.edu) and Richard Winters (Richard.Winters@dartmouth.edu)


Panel 3: Beyond the Bench: A Look at State Supreme Court Justices – B3F

Chair: Paul Brace (pbrace@rice.edu)

Melinda Gann Hall (hallme@msu.edu): “Representation in State Supreme Courts: Evidence from the Terminal Term

Todd A. Curry (todd.a.curry@wmich.edu) and Mark S. Hurwitz (mark.hurwitz@wmich.edu): “Strategic Retirements of Elected and Appointed Justices in State Supreme Courts: A Hazard Model Approach

Meghan E. Leonard (mleonar@ilstu.edu) and Joseph V. Ross (jvross@email.arizona.edu): “Cooperation on State Supreme Courts

Sally J. Kenney (skenney@tulane.edu) and Jason H. Windett (jwindett@slu.edu): “The Diffusion of Female Supreme Court Justices in American States

Discussants: Paul Brace (pbrace@rice.edu) and Brent Boyea (boyea@uta.edu)

Session 6 Panels: 10:30 – 12:15 p.m.


Panel 1: State Legislatures Allocate Power, Positions, Pork and Control – FW

Chair: Peverill Squire (squirep@missouri.edu)

Christopher Mooney (cmoon1@uis.edu): “Principals, Agents, Tools, and Influence: Sorting Out the Causes of Legislative Leadership Power

Ronald D. Hedlund (r.hedlund@neu.edu), Claudia Larson (larson.cl@husky.neu.edu), Rob DeLeo (deleo.ro@gmail.com) and David P. Hedlund (david_p_hedlund@hotmail.com): “A Cross-state Analysis of Legislative Committee Request Success Rates

Gerald Gamm (Gerald.gamm@rochester.edu) and Thad Kousser (tkousser@ucsd.edu): “Parties and Pork: Historical Evidence from the American States

Robert J. McGrath (rmcgrat2@gmu.edu): “Legislatures, Courts, and Statutory Control of the Bureaucracy across the U.S. States

Discussants: Jim Battista (jbattist@buffalo.edu) and Peverill Squire (squirep@missouri.edu)


Panel 2: The Impact of Political or Social Context on Public Opinion – ICF

Chair: Barbara Norrander (norrande@email.arizona.edu)

Emily Shaw (shawe@thomas.edu): “Public Opinion and State-level Electoral Reform Following the 2010 Elections

David P. Redlawsk (redlawsk@rutgers.edu) and Caroline J. Tolbert (caroline-tolbert@uiowa.edu): “Support for LGBT Rights: How Personality Effects are Conditioned by State Legal Environment and Social Context

Donald P. Haider-Markel (dhmarkel@ku.edu), Charles Epp (chuckepp@ku.edu) and Steven Maynard-Moody (smm@ku.edu): “Constructing Distrust: The Consequences of African-American Encounters with Police

Jamie Monogan (monogan@uga.edu): “Immigration Politics and Partisan Realignment: An Analysis of California and Texas

Discussants: Barbara Norrander (norrande@email.arizona.edu) and John P. McIver (mciver@austin.utexas.edu)


Panel 3: Strategy and Money in State Campaigns – B3F

Chair: Ruth Jones (Ruth.Jones@asu.edu)

Kevin K. Banda (kbanda@email.unc.edu) and Thomas M. Carsey (carsey@unc.edu): “Two Stage Elections, Strategic Candidates, and Agenda Convergence

Greg Vonnahme (vonnahmeg@umkc.edu): “A Model of Inequities in Campaign Money in State Legislative Elections

Rhonda Wrzenski (rwrzensk@ius.edu): “Is It Really ‘All About the Benjamins’?: Exploring the Role of Campaign Self-Finance in the State Legislative Electoral Process

William Salka (salkaw@easternct.edu): “Determinants of Participation and Electoral Competition in Publicly Funded State Legislative Campaigns

Discussants: Ruth Jones (Ruth.Jones@asu.edu) and Kayla J. Crider (kjcrh7@mail.missouri.edu)


Session 7 Panels: 1:45 – 3:30 p.m.

Panel 1: Direct Democracy: Outcomes and Impacts – ICF

Chair: Frederick J. Boehmke (frederick-boehmke@uiowa.edu)

Craig Burnett (burnettcm@appstate.edu) and Janine Parry (parry@uark.edu): “The Limits of Statehouse Endorsements on Opinions toward Referendums

A. Lee Hannah (lee.hannah@psu.edu): “Ballot Initiatives and Electoral Timing

Michael New (michael.j.new@gmail.com): “Analyzing the Effect of the Citizen Initiative on Fiscal Outcomes Over Time”

Jay Barth (Barth@hendrix.edu) and Gary Reich (greich@ku.edu): “Demographic Change, Direct Democracy, and Political Context: A Multivariate Analysis of State Adoption of Restrictive Immigration Policies

Discussants: Frederick J. Boehmke (frederick-boehmke@uiowa.edu) and Daniel Smith (dasmith@ufl.edu)


Panel 2: Impacting the Redistricting Process and Subsequent Effects – FW

Chair: Richard Murray (rmurray@central.uh.edu)

Eric A. Lindgren (elindgren@whittier.edu): “Commissions and Competition in the 2002 through 2010 US House Elections

Jeffrey W. Ladewig (jeffrey.ladewig@gmail.com) and Seth C. McKee (scmckee@mail.usf.edu): “One Person, One Vote: Principle versus Reality in U.S. House Elections

Justin M. Levitt (jlevitt@ucsd.edu): “Getting the Map You Want: A Bargaining Model of Interest Groups in Local Government Redistricting

Discussant: Jonathan Winburn (jwinburn@olemiss.edu)


Panel 3: Legislative Development and Capacity – B3F

Chair: Ronald D. Hedlund (r.hedlund@neu.edu)

Nancy Martorano Miller (Nancy.Martorano@notes.udayton.edu) and Ronald D. Hedlund (r.hedlund@neu.edu): “One Tough Nut: The Development of Legislative Structure and Procedure in the Constitution and Statutes of the Buckeye State

Peverill Squire (squirep@missouri.edu): “Quorum Rules in Historical Perspective

Christopher J. Clark (chriclar@email.unc.edu): “An Institutional Explanation of State Legislative Black Caucus Formation, 1971-1989

Bryan S. McQuide (mcquide@uidaho.edu): “State Legislative Institutions & Information Asymmetries: How State Legislatures Respond to Emerging Issues

Discussant: Christopher Mooney (cmoon1@uis.edu)


Session 8 Panels: 3:45 – 5:15 p.m.

Panel 1: The Impact of Policy – B3F

Chair: Lilliard Richardson (richardsonle@missouri.edu)

David M. Konisky (dmk74@georgetown.edu) and Christopher Reenock (creenock@fsu.edu): “Empowerment through Design: Institutional Remedies to Environmental Injustice

Beibei Zou (beibeizou@mail.utexas.edu) and David Eaton (eaton@mail.utexas.edu): “Who Should Regulate Insurance? An Evaluation of Title Insurance Rates Inequality among States”

Belinda Creel Davis (davisbe@lsu.edu): “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks: the Emergence of Employment Bureaucracies in TANF Implementation”

Discussants: Lilliard Richardson (richardsonle@missouri.edu) and Donald P. Haider-Markel (dhmarkel@ku.edu)


Panel 2: Politics, the News Media and the New Media – FW

Chair: Martin Johnson (martin.johnson@ucr.edu)

Kirby Goidel (kgoidel@lsu.edu), Ashley Kirzinger (akirzi1@tigers.lsu.edu), Johanna Dunaway (jdunaway@lsu.edu) and Phillip Madison (tmadis1@tigers.lsu.edu): “Gulf State Local News Framing of the Horizon Deepwater Oil Spill

D. Xavier Medina Vidal (dmedi005@ucr.edu): “Hispanic State Legislators and Spanish-Language Media: Shaping Latino Policy Agendas in the States”

Marija Bekafigo (marija.bekafigo@gmail.com) and Diana Tracy Cohen (cohendit@ccsu.edu): “Governors Campaign Online: Social Media in the American States

Garrick L. Percival (percival@d.umn.edu): “Smart on Crime: How a Shift in Political Attention is Changing Penal Policy in the U.S. States

Discussant: Martin Johnson (martin.johnson@ucr.edu)


Panel 3: Political Opinion and Political Participation – ICF

Chair: Robert M. Stein (stein@rice.edu)

David Broockman (broockman@berkeley.edu): “Does the Election of Women Cause Other Women To Vote or Run for Office? Evidence From a Regression Discontinuity Design

Michael Herron (Michael.herron@dartmouth.edu) and Daniel Smith (dasmith@ufl.edu): “The Participatory Impact of Truncating Early Voting in Florida

Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz (shannapm@gmail.com) Alexander Filindra (afilindra@yahoo.com) and Joshua Dyck (jdyck@buffalo.edu): “The Interactive Role of Elite Cues and Residential Context in Shaping Public Opinion about Immigration in the New England States

Discussant: Todd Makse (toddmakse@gmail.com)